We help our clients design and develop native web and mobile applications and harness the power of the cloud to build reliable products for the masses. Our team’s expertise results in successful solutions that make a strong impact on our clients’ business and drives growth.

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We use our technology, processes, and people to deliver state of the art solutions to our client organizations and take immense pride in doing so. Having worked with clients across a multitude of industries we continue to build our expertise and bring out our best in each solution.

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At Xencov, we see our clients’ successes as our own. Each solution is grounded in not only their requirements but also their unique position in the marketplace. Our clientele constitutes of startups and SMEs working to disrupt a multitude of industries and making a global impact.

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Our team focuses on quality projects for quality clients. We are a group of highly motivated and passionate individuals, who work through each day with a constant focus on goals. We set ambitious goals for ourselves and love challenges that motivate us to think innovatively and deliver results.

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Building a Facebook Echo-Bot in Python

Gartner estimates that by 2020, chatbots will be handling 85 percent of customer-service interactions; they are already handling about 30 percent of transactions now.

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3 min read

How to Send an Email from Flutter - SMS App Part 3

In this blog, we will see how we can send emails from our flutter application using mailgun credentials. This post is in continuation of the Flutter SMS app series.

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4 min read

How To Listen for SMS using Flutter - SMS App Part 2

In continuation with the previous blog, we would continue to build our new basic SMS app using Flutter. In this blog, we would see how we can add the functionality of listening for incoming SMS messages on the device.

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