How to Send an Email from Flutter - SMS App Part 3

AuthorMayank Bajaj (Software Engineer)23rd Oct 2018 . 3 min read time

Up till now we have imported the sms package and started a listener to listen for incoming sms messages on the user’s phone.

> Now we will set up a mailer via Mailgun ( Create Mailgun account from here), and mail the incoming sms message to a particular email address.

In pubspec.yaml, append mailer: ^2.0.2 to the dependencies list:

    sdk: flutter
sms: ^0.2.0
mailer: ^2.0.2   # add this line

Now run flutter packages get in the console. This pulls the package into your project. You should see the following in the console:

flutter packages get
Running "flutter packages get" in app_name...
Process finished with exit code 0

In lib/main.dart, import the new mailer package:

import 'package:mailer/mailer.dart';
import 'package:mailer/smtp_server/mailgun.dart';

> Enter your Mailgun credentials, here.

String username = YOUR_MAILGUN_USERNAME;
String password = PASSWORD;
final smtpServer = mailgun(username, password);

Create an SMTP Server by calling the mailgun's function built in the mailer package.

final smtpServer = mailgun(username, password);

Composing your message:

final message = new Message()
    ..from = new Address(username, 'Your name')
    ..ccRecipients.addAll(['', ''])
    ..bccRecipients.add(new Address(''))
    ..subject = 'Test Dart Mailer library :: 😀 :: ${new}'
    ..text = 'This is the plain text.\nThis is line 2 of the text part.'
    ..html = &quot;Test\n<p>Hey! Here's some HTML content</p>&quot;;

So we are done with initializing the SMTP server and composing the message, Now its time to send the mail.

final sendReports = await send(message, smtpServer);

This will send the mail as we composed in the earlier step. You can edit the message and sender as per your convenience.


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